Tim Kjær Lange

UX Designer @ GoToMeeting

Fischer Random Fun

Dec 5 · 2014

In the beginning it's all play. The designers of games are trying things out - having fun, creating. They invent throw-ins, castling and chequered flags. Slowly the games solidify, status quo creeps in, it's business as usual. That's why we can't have a special rule for diving in the penalty area, where you have to wear a ballerina outfit for the rest of the match.

The traditionalists are against ballerina outfits in football games. They want things to be like the last time we played - it was a 1-1 draw and John fell asleep in front of the TV. In another world 1500 years ago, someone woke up, had breakfast and invented chess. For two weeks chess was soft, like clay - nobody cared about memorizing opening variants. A five year old chess prodigy is reading up on the Sicilian right now, but she would have more fun playing Fischer Random Chess, where the pieces on the first row are shuffled. Pokemon figurine to B4 - checkmate!